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Digitize your grid

Utilize your infrastructure to its fullest extent through smart digital solutions.



Unlocked Capacity



How Archeri re-powers your grid.

Archeri is an award-winning deep-tech startup, offering a software that calculates exact grid capacity through a state-of-the-art patented technology. 

A renewable world



We recognize that different customers seek different solutions, therefore Archeri aims to offer three different types of modular products that function both stand-alone and in combination.

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Dynamic Line Rating

Today's power grid is statically dimensioned, meaning that independent of external circumstances, such as temperature and wind, the security margins of our customers' grids stay the same. This is not reflecting reality and the power grid operators are aware of that but they lack sophisticated tools to prove that their grid has more capacity.

Our technology is based on dynamic line rating and can therefore calculate the exact grid capacity in real time. The best thing about this is that we can do it all without adding any new hardware! The value that our solution can contribute to the power grid operators is enormous, read more about these benefits here.


Archeri Predict

Archeri provides you with state-of-the-art AI and Machine Learning-driven predictive analytics. This tool helps you make proactive decisions regarding the future power-transferring capacity of your existing infrastructure.



Archeri Routing

Calculate the true remaining capacity of your existing power lines in real-time through proprietary Archeri technology. The tool will then help you with finding the most optimal route through the power grid, making sure to fully utilize existing infrastructure.

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Archeri Simulate

Simulate a new expansion project for your existing power grid. Archeri helps you with finding the optimum placement of infrastructure resulting in a fully efficient transfer of energy.


Explore the Software

Discover a personalized dashboard, and track your power grid in real-time.

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Real-time Capacity


What problem are we solving? And how?

Society is getting more and more dependent on electricity each day. As a consequence, all power grid companies struggle with meeting the demand. They are trying to meet the demand through expanding the power grid. The problem is that an expansion project takes approximately 15 years to complete. At the same time, they have unnecessarily high security margins on how much energy they send through the power lines. This is because the power grid operators lack insights into exactly how much energy their power cables can hold. 

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